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We welcome you to Columban mission in a variety of ways, including internships, volunteerism and exposure trips.

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Be transformed by living with and serving people and communities who are most vulnerable to social, economic and environmental injustices. Join us for five days, five months or a lifetime. Please contact Susan Gunn for more information about any of our CCAO missions.


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    Pope Francis will address Congress

    Columban Friends, Dawn  breaks darkness,  pink purple yellow orange sky,  clouds swirl. Hope breaks dispair with song,  laughter, prayer, and prophecy. We stand here today in the heart of world political power,  carrying the world’s heart of song and clamor …

    Safe in Chile

    HONG KONG, September 21, 2015. Columban missionaries in Chile are safe in face of recent earthquake and tsunami. The General Council wishes to express its prayers and solidarity for the Chilean people and Columban missionaries working in Chile in the …

    The Right to Water and the U.N. Summit on Sustainable Development

    Pope Francis will soon make his first visit to the United States. In addition to meeting with Congress and with President Obama, he will also address the United Nations General Assembly, which is set to adopt seventeen new “sustainable development …

    Reverence for Creation, Reverence for Life

    In recent weeks, the dramatic news of migrants fleeing the violence in Syria or escaping by boat to ports of entry in Europe has gripped the world’s attention. The story of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi and the picture of his lifeless …