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From the Director

The Joy of a Different Vantage Point

"What do you know about Ireland?" I asked the third grade class that was excited to have just learnt that I was from there. "St. Patrick was from there" responded a girl in the front row. "So did that mean that he was Irish?" I inquired, my tone betraying an element of doubt. "Yes!" came back a chorus of voices, filled with disbelief that I would even pose such a question.

"So what did St. Patrick do in Ireland?" I asked. "He told the people about God. He was a missionary" responded a boy in the third row. "And how was it that St. Patrick knew about God, while the Irish people around him knew nothing?" I inquired. "Because God told him and God sent him" replied a shy girl at the back of the class, unable to endure my frivolous questions any longer. "Let me see if I can get this clear" I dared to say, "St. Patrick, who was from Ireland, was sent by God as a missionary to the Irish? A sea of little heads bobbed vigorously in agreement.

It was clear to me by now that these third grade …

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Columban News
Glimmers of Light

Ministering to the Parkari Kohli tribal people, Fr. Tomas King sees a "Glimmers of Light" amongst the poorest and most marginalized people in Pakistan. …

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Breaking the Bonds of Poverty

The parish of Cristo Liberador in Lima, Peru, has a population of 130,000 people. It is located in the most densly populated area of the country, yet Columban Sr. Young Mi Choi writes that many live in hillside dwellings with no running water or basic services. …

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I Have Chosen Love

I remember how I silently uttered a prayer to bless me in my desire to become a missionary when Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines in 1985. Years later when I watched a movie about Mother Theresa's life I started to feel remiss about something. In 2010 I dared to risk and started journeying into the unknown entrusting myself to God who faithfully loves me. …

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